**Please follow directions** No calls needed!! (DO NOT MAKE A APPOINTMENT IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED TO DO SO!!! Once you have been approved and you make your appt it is CONFIRMED, and there is no need for any steps after that unless asked.. Thanks)


Man Unit requirements for balding/thinning men: 

  • Pictures will be needed of you and your current hair issue sent to . Once received you will receive an email in the order it came in. Place all info needed in one email!

  • Hair needs to be grown in some (the more hair you have grown in the easier the up keep will be for you) 

  • Unit can not be made and shipped out because its custom to each person head and situation to ensure correct sizing and blend. So the person has to be in person.( NO EXCEPTIONS until further notice)

  • Pictures of the look your trying to achieve sent via email (please keep in mind your hair texture verses the look you're trying to achieve)

  • Hair is included for this service

  • The unit is made using tracked hair and can only go so low to prevent tracks from showing 

  • How long the unit last depends on the up keep of the individual person (details on maintenance will be giving during the appointment)

  • A private suite is used to provide this service



Prices VARY starting at .................... $200.00


Brush Wave Technique (NOT A UNIT) $200 & up

* This can last from 1 to 4 weeks 

(this is based on up keep & day to day)

Man Unit (Using Track Hair $375)

* This can last from 2 months 

(this is based on up keep & day to day)

Man Unit Lace or Thin Skin $800 (includes Unit, install & cut)

The Man Unit can come in a variety of textures to match your hair type 

* This lace/thin skin unit will last 6-8 months and can stay attached 2 to 6 weeks each install 

(Results may vary based on persons up keep)


*All clients upon making  any appt waves any right for legal action and charge backs after services are rendered. This includes hair extensions, quickweaves, final style out, any allergies to chemicals, glues, or hair care products.  If you are uncertain please contact the salon and research all products and speak with your doctor. All clients agree to photos being taken to continue promotion for business (unit clients faces will be blurred for privacy). 

"Getting A Manweave For The First Time"

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