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Q.Shamone's Online University


Brush Wave Technique



Man Unit (Man Weave) 



Learn how to take track hair and create your own man unit.

  • Each one of the tutorials is made for LICENSED PROFESSIONALS with the expectation of them having a certain level of skill set.  These videos are NOT for duplication or to be shared by no means by anyone without copyright consent. If shared or recorded without consent it will lead to legal actions!!  Each video will cover tools and products used to create both looks, as well as step by step on how to do each one.

  • All out of state Stylist, Barbers and Owners that would be interested in me coming to their city please email me for details and save on travel and stay.  Lets increase your bottom dollar!!

  • This video is No different from you being in Class with Q.Shamone so you will have 24hrs to watch the video you purchase, so take notes!!! 

  • ONE on ONE Classes available 

   Starts @ $1200

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